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Research Projects

University Research
Scaled boundary finite element method combined with equilibrated basis functions for the solution of some steady-state problems in mechanics
Buckling Analysis of in-plane heterogeneous nano-plates resting on elastic foundation based on nonlocal elasticity using equilibrated basis functions
A new enrichment approach in Element Free Galerkin (EFG) method for the solution of some problems with singularities
Dynamic analysis of structures made of heterogeneous members using the equilibrated basis function
Implementing meshless local equilibrated basis functions along with the domain decomposition technique in the solution of some elastic problems with cracks
Bending and free vibration analysis of nanoplates reinforced by defective graphene sheets based on nonlocal elasticity theory using equilibrated basis functions
Development of equilibrated singular basis functions in the context of boundary methods for in-plane heterogeneous thin plate problem
Static analysis under arbitrary loading of axially symmetric shells with variable material and geometric properties using equilibrated basis functions
Solution of solid mechanics problems using equilibrated basis functions in Three-Dimensional Space
Static, free vibration and buckling analysis of in-plane heterogeneous laminated composite plates using equilibrated basis function
Implementation of the time-weighted residual method in the solution of forced vibration problems in members with variable section
Solution of problems with weak singularities in heterogeneous media using equilibrated basis functions and the finite element method
Implementation of equilibrated basis functions in the finite element method for singular problems in solid mechanics
On mechanical solution of composite plates and shells using smooth basis functions and mesh-free methods

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