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Solution of Harmonic Problems with Weak Singularities Using Equilibrated Basis Functions in Finite Element Method

O. Bateniparvar, N. Noormohammadi, A. MohammadSalehi

Computational Methods in Engineering. 39(2):119-146



In this paper, Equilibrated Singular Basis Functions (EqSBFs) are implemented in the framework of the Finite Element Method (FEM), which can approximately satisfy the harmonic PDE in homogeneous and heterogeneous media. EqSBFs are able to automatically reproduce the terms consistent with the singularity order in the vicinity of the singular point. The newly made bases are used as the complimentary enriching part along with the polynomial bases of the FEM to construct a new set of shape functions in the elements adjacent to the singular point. It will be shown that the use of the combined bases leads to the quality improvement of the solution function as well as its derivatives, especially in the vicinity of the singularity.


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