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Singular functions for heterogeneous composites with cracks and notches; the use of equilibrated singular basis functions

O. Bateniparvar, N. Noormohammadi, B. Boroomand

Computers and Mathematics with Applications (2020)



In this paper a novel method is presented to solve problems with weak singularities in two-dimensional heterogeneous media using equilibrated singular basis functions. This especially includes crack problems in composites of functionally graded material types. The method is mainly presented in a boundary formulation, although it may be found quite useful in other mesh-based or mesh-less approaches as the eXtended Finite Element Method (XFEM). The present paper considers harmonic and elasticity problems. The most distinguished advantage of the present method is that the solution progress advances without absolutely any knowledge of the analytical singularity order of the problem. To this end the partial differential equation of the problem is approximately satisfied in a weighted residual approach. After developing the formulation in a mapped polar co-ordination, some primary basis functions generated from Chebyshev polynomials and trigonometric functions, along with corresponding weight functions are employed. The numerical examples, either selected from the well-known literature or solved by well-established techniques, will demonstrate the capability of the method in problems related to composite materials.

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